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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bombay. Maximum City.

Bombay is a bombastic, buzzing and bolorful place (colorful has been misspelled for the sake of the alliteration). For the first time in India I felt like I am in a real city, a metropolis of the world. Other cities, for instance Delhi or Bangalore, do not give you the feeling of being in a world city. Compared to Mumbai they seem like an endless sequence of malls, roads, poor areas, rich areas and malls again. It is the same "soup" repeated over and over again. It feels like variety is missing in these places and the repeating pattern cripples your lust for adventures. In Bombay there is not enough space to repeat that "soup" over and over again as the city is surrounded by water on three of five sides (if you include the vertical :D).

So Mumbai was very different. It boasts with very European neighborhoods and restaurants, has a ample marine drive along the bay and for the very first time in India I spotted tall buildings. I spent an adventurous weekend in Mumbai with my fellow interns from Accenture, Eric form Italy and Dustin from Canada. We explored many different neighborhoods, visited the national theater to see a fun show called "Get rid of my wife" and enjoyed night life in Bandra. The two days were full of fun but weatherwise they couldn't disagree more: On Saturday it was pouring rain and on Sunday I got sunburned... see yourself in the Mumbai Photo Album. Make sure you check as well the video at the end of the album.

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