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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rajasthan Part I

Rajasthan is the Land of the Kings, Maharadjas and Colours. It hosts some of the most beautiful forts and temples in India. It is mostly rural and half of it is desert. I rented a car and a driver (Kamal) for 12 days and saw magical villages, vast forts, beautiful havelis, incredible temples, pompous palaces and experienced the desert. Travelling from Delhi to Rajasthan felt like travelling back in time. People have to walk kilometers to get water, there is no service industry, no shopping malls. Check out my pictures to reveal the true face of India yourself. 
ow I want to give you some details on my itinerary. I added as well the name of the hotels in which I stayed. If you plan to do a similar trip I can recommend all of them.

Agra (Hotel Taj Home Stay)

The first stop on my trip in order to check out the magical Taj Mahal. Children living around the Taj are specialized in ripping off tourists. They were the most persistent species of rip-off people that I met. After visiting the Taj I headed on to Fatehpur Sikri which is another UNESCO world heritage site where people would be almost as persistent. They know that most foreigners travel to the Taj have no idea of the Indian prices and they ask for outrageous prices.
Jaipur (Hotel Amber View)
I met a few other travelers here: Melissa, Alex and Chloe. We spent a few days together. In Jaipur I had as well my first experiences with local people. I played cricket with children and hung out with local people that in the end only wanted to make money out of me. True friends, eh?
Pushkar (Hotel New Park)
Pushkar was quite an experience. I had the best Chai tea there, got my first Hindu mark on my forehead and drank a Special Lassi with a disastrous aftermath. Read up yourself...
Udaipur (Hotel Pichola Haveli)
Udaipur is my most favourite place in Rajasthan. It is a considerably small town with narrow streets, friendly people, a good mix of temples and palaces and has many opportunities to hike. I relaxed there for two days.

The Rajasthan tour will be continued in my next post... for now check out the first part of the pictures


  1. sound like an experience!! hahahaha... "They were the most persistent species of rip-off people that I met" :-D

  2. Udaipur is magical! I'm so glad you chose to visit rajasthan!!

  3. :) Yes, thinking back about all my travels in India, Rajasthan is top!!! How did you find out about my blog?