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Monday, July 5, 2010

Rajasthan Part II + Arrival to Bangalore

Rajasthan Part II
Remember magical Rajasthan from my last blog post? Today I am talking about the less magical sides of it: namely spitting, burping and farting. All of these activities seem quite popular in rural areas, even among women. I already joined in on one of these habits: burping. My photos will show you a beautiful Jain temple in Ranakpur, the blue city Jodhpur, my desert safari in Jaisalmer, the fort of Bikaner and many havelis (huge private mansions with an atrium) in Mandawa. All of these places are strategically positioned along the trading route that connected India with Central Asia. Trading brought a lot of money into these cities and big forts were built to control and secure the road. The region itself does not look rich though because many of the wealthy merchants left for Europe or Overseas. Check out the pictures: Rajasthan Part II.

Arrival in Bangalore
Arriving in Bangalore was a blessing. The climate and temperature are wonderful. Big trees seam the narrow streets and the monsoon that arrived brings a bit of rain every day. I am living in a nice three room apartment in a neighborhood called Koramangala. It is a proper residence colony with walls around the colony so only authorized people can enter. The first evening I met the other three interns from Switzerland: Alex, Adrien and Martin. I share my apartment with Alex and currently there is an Indian family in another room. We share a huge living room and kitchen. Each room has its own bathroom. In my next blog post I will show you my crib in more detail.
The first weekend we had a look at Lal Bagh, a beautiful garden in Bangalore, we strolled around the city market and checked out Iskcon temple. Later we saw the parliament with a strange engraved sentence: "Government Work is God's Work". After the sightseeing weekend we started our internship at Accenture, next week I will give you more details on work and living in India. I will as well make you familiar with Indian prices. First check out the pictures: First Days in Bangalore.


  1. Hey Flavio!

    Really cool pics! Thanks a lot for sharing them!
    Your blog also gives me some impressions about what to expect when visiting India this autumn. Can you recommend some books to read before going to India?

    Take care!

  2. White Tiger is a great book I just started to read. Bombay. Maximum City is nice too but too much of a documentation. Another good read is The Life of Pi - It is not that much related to India though. Go with the White Tiger as first book. It is a great book.